Welcome to Goulburn Valley Environment Group


The Goulburn Valley Environment Group is a not-for-profit community environment and conservation organisation based in the Goulburn Valley in northern Victoria.


GVEG was formed in 1990 by passionate local people who care about the very special environment of the Goulburn and Murray valleys.


Please explore some of our projects and campaigns from the past, checkout what we are doing right now, and fiind out what is in store for the future!






Barjarg Flat

Barjarg Flat Protest


GVEG members joined with locals at Barjarg Flat protesting planned logging of a mature forest coupe containing Powerful Owl and Greater Glider habitat



2017 Presidents Report


GVEG 2017 Pres report (63kb)



Photo accreditations:

Spinifex Savanna by Thomas Schoch / CC BY

Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve by Cameron Muir CC BY

Eastern Quoll by Michael Barritt & Karen May CC BY



2017 AGM

Rushworth Community House


The AGM followed a community Tree Planting in Rushworth event


Elected Office Bearers


John Pettigrew 



Terry Court


Minute Secretary/Treasurer:

Iris Ambrose



John Laing, Louise Costa-Pelle, Doug Robinson, Melissa Stagg and Ian Christoe 


Guest Speaker:

Sharon Terry spoke on the Management of Feral horses in the Barmah National Park. Sharon has for almost a decade represented GVEG on various government committees addressing this issue spoke on the ongoing damage to the sensitive wetlands with-in the Park and the challenges convincing government to act. GVEG are expecting a decision from Minister D’Ambrosio to be made shortly, but as time elapses so does our confidence in the Victorian government willingness to address the issue.