Projects past and present

GVEG has been, and is involved in countless projects in your region. There are far too many to list here, but below is a sample of some of them:


New River Red Gum national parks


web barmah

GVEG was at the forefront of campaigning for better protection of the internationally recognised Barmah forest and wetlands. GVEG pushed for 20 years to see the Barmah forest and the forests of the lower Goulburn river recieve the protection they deserve. In 2009 the Barmah and lower Goulburn national parks were formally created.





GVEG calls for duck hunting bans.


GVEG is campaigning to have duck shooting banned on wetlands in our closely populated areas of the Goulburn Valley.


Apart from the obvious threat to wetland wild life, a major concern is the locking up of these wetlands for shooters and the psychological impacts of residents in nearby neighbourhoods.


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Barmah National Park: Removal of feral horses and other pest animals.

GVEG has been active in advocating for the removal of feral horses from the Barmah National Park. Our group has had representatives on DEWLP and past government committees designed to address this issue. To-date little progress has been made with successive governments revisiting community consultation processes, however with the delivery of environmental flows to these unique wetlands increased pressure to protect this environment is mounting from federal authorities.  



Murray Darling Basin Authority:  Delivery of Basin Plan

GVEG is committed to the delivery of the Basin Plan, as agreed to by Federal and State Governments.  Unfortunately the implementation of this Plan is now under attack with the intention by irrigation organisations and sections of politics. 


GVEG continues to be part of the Lifeblood Alliance of environmental and farming groups from across the Basin and has more recently linked to specific South Australian groups to maximize our influence at this critical implementation phase.



Loss of Native Vegetation

The incremental loss of remnant scattered vegetation has been identified by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA) as the greatest threat to biodiversity and ecosystem services throughout our region. 


Unfortunately current State Government policy offers little protection for this vegetation with the result that numerous Council planning objections by GVEG fail to protect these trees. Our only hope is to influence the proponents of these developments to modify plans to limit losses.


GVEG has and continues to be a strong advocate for strengthening of regulations in the current State Government Regulation review.  




Below are a number of important reports produced or initiatated by GVEG. We will add to these over time. (all files are pdf format and will open in a new window)




Environmental flows


The Murray Darling Basin Plan is a once in a lifetime opportunity to address grossly overallocated rivers and put irrigated agriculture on a sustainable footing. Many GVEG members are farmers and irrigators and they tell us that this chance is too good to miss.


Healthy rivers support healthy communities, strong tourism and recreation. A dying river is worth little to anyone. GVEG is continueing to ensure that the Goulburn River, Victoria's largest river, has an adequate and legal environmental water allocation. The floodplain forests and wetlands of the Goulburn Valley need it!.




Past projects we have worked on


  • Shepparton Olympic Landcare site 2000 
  • Woody weed removal in Moroopna Common
  • Riverconnect project
  • Inspiring guest speakers
  • Native vegetation policy
  • Shepparton bypass
  • Water saving initiatives
  • Public awareness campaigns and much much more